The OPAL’S new concept Solar Irrigation Project is to provide adequate water for the farmer to uninterruptedly cultivate 10 Acres of Land. The watering will be done once in four days of entire 10 Acres Land. There is no gap for cultivation of different crops. We use entirely Solar Energy to pump the water from Bore well of Depth 300 Feet and we pump out 100000 Littres of water per day. We adopt the drip and sprinkler type of irrigation to the farms which saves huge amount of water and hence the conservation of water. OPAL’S aim is to draw least water from the bore well and irrigate adequate water for the cultivation without flooding or wasting. Thereby the water level in that area is least affected and the co farmer can also enjoy the benefit. OPAL ensures the water table is least affected /depleted in that area. For the effective usage of water we adopt the drip and sprinkler irrigation system. To accommodate the drip irrigation, we also provide the Overhead Tank of adequate capacity, which also helps the farmer to irrigate even at no solar time. During rainy season, there is no need of irrigating the field and hence solar system is well suited. The farmer can do at least three crops in every acres in a year. The profitability is very high and return on the investment will workout less than 2 Years.

Project in detail

Opal will identify the farmer / customer in need of solar pumping project. OPAL enter in to agreement with farmer with the following details

  • Farmer should have 7.5 -10 Acres of farming land.
  • The company will dig a borewell of maximum 300 Feet. Bore well with proper slotted pipes of 7Inches with proper pebble packing and compressor cleaning.
  • OPAL will construct Overhead water tank of 30000Ltr capacity nearer to Bore well.
  • The Submercible pump is installed with proper pipe line to pump the water to the overhead Tank.
  • The solar panel is fixed with suitable structure with maximum harvest of sun light.
  • The control panel of motor and solar power is installed in a room with suitable motor driver and protection
  • The land is measured and drip irrigation system is get installed according to crop and Land.
  • The system is connected to the water line from the OH tank. The pressure of OH tank water is sufficient enough to operate the sprinkler installed and drip used.c
  • When the solar system is turned on the water pumping starts at 8- 9AM and continuous till 4:30 PM

While pumping is on the irrigation is turned in to the required field and line using control valves.This continuous till in the evening. There is no need of pumping water from bore well during raining. There will be no sun also.